Dennis Wilson, guitarist and vocalist, with 1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom  
Rock Blues Guitar

Dennis's Band History:


The Hi-Lites: The Hi-Lites were the first band Dennis joined, at fifteen years old. Played surf instrumentals and a few early Beatles songs. Led by Gordon Sheard, who taught Dennis about barre chords.

The Riddles: Dennis's first serious band. Answered an ad in the paper and got the gig. Played at many Sydney venues including the Star Club and the final night of Surf City with Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Ray Brown and the Whispers and Max Merrit and the Meteors. Lineup: John Murray - Vocals, DW - Lead Gtr, Mike Cutrupi - Rhythm Gtr, John Jones - Bass, Russell Barnsley - Drums.

Kevin Bible and the Book: When the Riddles went to St. Claire Studio at Hurstville NSW to pay to have a recording made, the studio owner, Ossie Byrne, asked them back to record some more. Dennis and Russell both recorded several sessions with the Bee Gees, whom Ossie was producing, as well as backing tracks for singers who were appearing on TV shows. Ossie brought in Kevin Bible, a young pop singer, to replace John Murray, and the band was given a contract with Down Under Records.

The Powerpact: Dennis and Mike Cutrupi with Jim Lupton - Sax, Barry Sparks - Bass, Brian Boness - drums. Playing blues and R&B and trying to get a bit more serious. Lineup changed to Barrington Davis - Vocals, Bob Daisley - Bass, DW - Gtr, Robin Lewis - Drums. This was the beginning of a long association with Bob Daisley.

Mecca: DW - Gtr, Robin Lewis - Drums, Bob Daisley - Bass. A three-piece band playing heavier music, including some of Dennis's originals, they were given a contract with Festival Records. Later joined by Clive Coulson - Vocals.

Kahvas Jute: Dennis and Bob formed a new band with Dannie Davidson - Drums and Tim Gaze - Guitar. Almost immediately they were in demand on the concert scene. After a few months Tim Gaze departed and they remained a three-piece. They played all original music (almost all written and sung by Dennis) and became one of Australia's most popular and influential "progressive" bands in the early Seventies. Their album "Wide Open" is regarded as a milestone in Australian music and is one of the world's most collectable albums. It's now available as a remastered special edition released by Aztec Music.

Chariot: One of Australia's hardest working bands. First lineup DW - Gtr, Peter Roberts - Gtr, John Strangio - Bass, Steve Webb - Drums. Other lineup changes included Loppy Morris - Drums, Jimmy Penson - Drums, Rick Sutton - Gtr, John Hilson - Vocals, Mal Clarke - Gtr, Glen Ford - Keyboards.

Dennis Wilson Band (Late 1970's Lineup) : DW - Gtr, Peter Roberts - Bass, Jimmy Penson - Drums, Jason Morphett - Sax. Later lineups included Scott Johnson - Drums, Tom Falkingham - Bass, Andrew Ross - Sax.

The Deltoids: Formed in the early 80's by DW, John Strangio and Loppy Morris, this was a very popular rockabilly influenced band. Second lineup included Brian Morris - Drums, John Strangio - Bass. Sometimes Jackie Orsaczky - Bass, Hamish Stuart - Drums, James Rattray - Bass, Mark Kennedy - Drums, John Watson - Drums.

More Bands.

Swanee: Dennis played lead guitar with John Swan's band for about four years on and off in the Eighties.

Le Bop: Original band with Jackie Orszaczky - Bass, Taya Verkuil - Vocals, Brendan Barker - Drums, DW - Gtr.

Under Rapz: Band based in the Byron Bay NSW area led by ex Mi-Sex vocalist Steve Gilpin.

Catch 22: Band based in Byron Bay playing many originals and having a unique stage presence. DW - guitar & vocals, Pfuri Baldenweg - harmonica, vocals and assorted instruments, Keith Hammond - drums, Norm Pinto - bass.

Thin Ice: Popular band in Northern NSW. Played some originals and covers.